And now, for something different…

Dead House was the first game universe we created: about 7 years ago, in version 1.0 as we call it. Thus, we’ve had many years of experience fleshing out the Dead House universe; politics, characters, global changes, maps, etc. While some of this is integral and crucial to the game universe as a whole, some of it is more of an emotional attachment for us; not so much things that have made a lasting impact on the game world, but things that are more ‘hey, remember when…?’

In creating the game book for “Dead House: Watchers of the Night” we’ve spent quite some time figuring out what is integral and what is an emotional attachment. That being said we know that some folks really enjoy the “fluff” backstory lore of game worlds, while other folks would just prefer the pertinent information for their campaign or character.

This is where our new brainchild comes in: “Dead House: the Webcomic”.

“Dead House: the Webcomic” is a collaboration between ourselves at Wyrmhole Gaming and Beth at Inqorporeal (who is also one of our lovely playtesters!). We’re excited to be able to  start the Webcomic out at the beginning of it all: the creation of the Dead House and the joining in of some of the most essential NPCs of the House. We’re really looking forward to being able to tell some of the story of the House in a new medium, and give our followers something in the interim while we still are working on the Genesis System and polishing up our game worlds.

So stay tuned for our new “Dead House: the Webcomic” in the near future!

Game on 🙂



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