Skill and Luck

One thing that has come up multiple times in our games is that luck is a huge factor in success; and unfortunately that is something that is very difficult to mitigate in a tabletop RPG due to the roll of the die. In our system we opt to try to mitigate the die roll luck factors with higher skill and stat bonuses, but the vagaries of luck are still present variably.

Our original combat system was completely skill driven, wherein it required you to succeed in your action in order to progress the skill. In electronic gaming, this is more easily worked with because it is a mechanical input: if you miss you (the player) literally missed your target, not a die roll saying you missed your target. The same is to be said for damage: if you hit your target in an electronic game your weapon will do its static damage amount, however in a tabletop RPG you can hit your target but then do minimal damage due to a low dice roll.

The inverse also applies, however, wherein sometimes Lady Luck is totally on your side and all of your rolls are fabulous: crits and high damage amounts all over the board!

Through discussing with our playtesters, we’ve come to the decision that we needed to alter slightly the way that Skills progress and what exactly the Character Cores can do for the players, and this has lead to talks on some changes to our Genesis System. We are hoping to finish fleshing these changes out and put them to playtesting in the near future!

Game on!



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