Dead House

Dead House: Watchers of the Night is a science fantasy RPG using our own Genesis System of die rolling.

Dead House: Watchers of the Night is set in a time after the Third World War, which was a time of great change. Vampires, Lycans, Daemons, Fae folk, Angels, Super Soldiers, and the like can now legally exist with Humans, but who do they turn to where there are paranormal problems? To Dacen Valu, Vampire Master of the Dead House and leader of a group of specially trained paranormal operatives. Your character has been invited into the Dead House because of their specific skills and abilities, ones which the Master of the House has deemed useful to aid them in their goals.

As follows is a Chronicle by Hunter-Killer General and Twelfth Divine, Alexander Steele:

“One hundred eighty seven years ago, the year 2000. Many would call it a time of great change; others still would relate it to the apocalypse. What did happen was all out war. But not man against man, brother against brother, and nation against nation. It was far, far worse than that.

Everything that we, Humanity, had considered to be nothing more than a childish fable or old wives’ tale to keep us complacent had come to life before our very eyes. For millennia the Vampires had hidden away from us, in dark corners of the world and even amongst our own society. We thought them myths, but we were wrong.

And with them they brought the Lycans, nightmares of feral ferocity that stormed our defenses with ease. The nations of the Old World were hit the hardest; Europe quivered under the brutal assault, Russia fought back violently, and America did her best to support them. But it was not enough.

The enemy gained strength with each man and woman they killed, not content to leave them dead but turning them into their own kind. Their strength, speed and ferocity was unmatched. Humanity did its best to overcome the odds, and we struck back with our full might during the day, when they were closer to our own strength. But the war dragged on, seemingly without end.

And when the Daemons were called forth from their slumbers, new chaotic powers rained against us. And it was in those desperate moments that Humanity once again turned their eyes to the Church for guidance, and their prayers were answered; the Pope had reformed an old knightly association, and they had been blessed by the Heavenly Host themselves. The Ordos Divinus was given birth, and it was through their magical might that Humanity managed to gain a form of foothold in the war. But even with this newfound magical prowess, we were still at a disadvantage.

We approached the Fae Folk; men and women who were undying in life and worshipped the natural cycles as fervently as we praised the Church. They had not forgotten past atrocities, and thus kept to no one side of the conflict; for them, loyalty to each Clan was far more important than the plight of the short lived Humans who wished for their aid. But we could not blame them, for our acts in the past has greatly reduced their numbers, and they were wise to be wary of our intents.

As the war dragged on, we had managed to perfect the genetic and cybernetic therapies that would take our Race to the next level; we created warriors entirely of technological components that fought with undying determination. These new warriors of modern technology began to tip the scales in our favor, but they lacked a leader capable of putting them to their best use. So we improvised.

We tasked one of our genetically modified Soldiers, John Williams, to put together a team that comprised of Vampires and Lycans sympathetic to ending the war alongside of Human warriors willing to do what was necessary. This Tactical Team drove at the heart of the cause of all this suffering; House Dracul, the bloodline of none less than Vlad the Impaler made manifest as horrors of the night. But they were to be betrayed; their leadership was to be killed through a devious plot made to sully Williams’ hands. But they were not broken, for an unknown variable, a threat the Vampires knew existed made itself known in the Tactical Team’s darkest hour.

Dacen Valu, an ancient Vampire whose origins were all but unknown came to their aid, his own small fire team of warriors by his side to lend aid. They fought with the fury of a thousand of our best soldiers to give reprieve to the Tactical Team, and offered them their aid in resolving this war. But their aid came at a price we were willing to pay; Williams and his team would join Dacen’s House.

In a scant few months Dacen and his formidable allies accomplished what Humanity could not; they drove like a burning blade into the heart of House Dracul, assassinating their leadership and destroying the bloodline to the last infidel. With their major supporter of the war dead, the rest of the Great Houses saw what would become them if the war continued; death.


And so it was that the Great War ended.

As the other Houses, and Humanity, came to terms with the destruction that had been reaped by both sides, it became apparent by all involved that a new set of encompassing laws would need to be drawn up to keep relations civil. And so it fell to myself and my brethren of the Ordos Divinus to craft a series of laws for all sides to obey.

And so we did, as was our duty, and soon we unveiled the Vatican Treaty of All Life to the world; the Vampires would hold their own dominions, as would the Fae Folk. Every other Race had to be held accountable by one of the Houses, if they were of a non Human nature at the time of the passing of the Law. Humanity still retained their own independence, their own nations and their own laws. The Ordos Divinus, and the Vatican, would play the role of the middle man negotiator whenever a conflict would arise, and it would be our soldiers who would be next deployed if a nations force could not handle any problem that arose.

With the newfound ‘Peace’ we found that, even though the war had been stopped, the fighting still raged. The animals could not control themselves, and we, the Humans, could not stop them if they were to rise to full strength against us. So we turned back to our last hope towards containing the threat. The Dead House.

It was a curious name, and we once asked Dacen as to the meaning of it when we approached him for his aid once again. He never truly answered the question, but knowing the man that he is, it must be because he has not turned any by his own fang, thus his bloodline starts, and ends, with himself. The Dead House, Great House Valu, accepted the mantle of policing the other paranormal beings, and recruited members with fervor.

Dacen and his allies call on those who have no home, those who have a desire to fight, to test themselves in battle. He calls to those both noble and subtle, both warrior and thief. He calls to those who offer magical masteries that would put the most glorious Angel to shame, and make the most dangerous Daemon quiver in fear. He is a benevolent friend to his allies, but woe be the enemy whom he lays his eyes upon. For they will find only what Great House Dracul found all those years ago.


– Chronicle by Hunter-Killer General and Twelfth Divine, Alexander Steele.

Copyrite 2014 – Wyrmhole Gaming


2 comments on “Dead House

  1. Psuedonymous McAnonymous says:

    So far, this seems to be the most interesting and unique setting. It will be interested to watch this grow. Also, when will you release a Genesis Rulebook?

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