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The year is 2187, if the Gregorian calendar is to be referenced directly. In the year 2000, everything we knew and thought was nothing more than a mythical tale to scare us as children became as real to us as the horror we felt in our childhood hearts. Whether it was simply an opportune time for a revolution or some long forgotten timekeeping piece of evolution clicked into place, we were no longer the top of the food chain on the planet Earth. Spring forward one global war, several major conflicts and a series of attempts to parlay with the denizens of our nightmares made manifest finally brought a form of peace. Only now we had to better equip our own police forces and military, and even contract out to those who were willing to do what was necessary, and what was right.

During the war, Humanity had an ally behind enemy lines; he wasn’t quite a double agent, but he had been around long enough to be scarier than anything the vampiric brethren of Great House Dracul could manage to throw at us. And now? He’s hiring, evidently. He’s got one of the best networks of informants, spies, businessmen and military masterminds helping him scout the globe for men and women like him, who refuse to let anyone disrupt this tenuous peace between the races. And his name? Dacen, progenitor of the vampiric Great House Valu.

-Excerpt from a speech delivered by General Jonathan Williams to new graduates of West Point’s Advanced Paranormal Division.


Welcome to Dead House: Watchers of the Night! This tabletop game is set in an alternate science fantasy world where every bit of mythology and lore has come screaming into terrible existence, and the players are often tasked with keeping the worst offenders in check. We at Wyrmhole Gaming are thrilled that you are willing to try out our promotional mission, and we welcome any and all feedback you might have in regards to how your session went.

This game has gone through many creative revisions, and at this moment is still a work in progress, so we are completely serious when we ask for, and welcome, your feedback in regards to the product we are working on. The following pages will contain not only a mission for your enjoyment, but also will give a total of six characters who will be ready to take their first steps towards being inducted into Great House Valu.

Thank you again for your time, and we hope that you enjoy this Promotional item from Dead House: Watchers of the Night!

Game on!

Ian Groome, Co-Founder of Wyrmhole Gaming




We are currently working on updating our Game Book with the huge changes to our Genesis System we have been playtesting over the past couple of years. Thanks for your patience, and keep coming back for more info as we have it available!



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