Behind the Games

Wyrmhole Gaming is a husband-and-wife made gaming company made up of Ian and Katie. What started as a suggestion from a friend to Ian to create a tabletop game has grown and grown into its own entity! Here are the folks behind the games:

Video gaming of any sort was not allowed in Ian’s home growing up, but that didn’t stop him from gaming at friend’s houses!


Katie remembers the first video game she ever played was Mortal Kombat II at her cousin’s house. She never had a home system of her own, but was very into board games as a kid. She eventually got a purple Gameboy Color with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Pinball, and then got hooked on Mario Kart at her friend’s house in high school. Also in high school she got into Magic: The Gathering, and tried a game of D&D. It was around college when Katie finally got into computer games and consoles (with help from Ian) and gaming took of from there: Diablo (II and III), Warcraft III, WoW, City of Heroes, Guild Wars I and II, Global Agenda, SWTOR, Warframe. Currently she is really into Mortal Kombat X, Helldivers, and Diablo III on the PS4.

Katie also has a love of history and art. She’s done massive research on paranormal creatures, specifically Vampires, as well as medieval torture, pre-revolution era France, and New England from the colonial period up through the industrial revolution. She is also in charge of all of the social media for Wyrmhole Gaming.


Of course, our gaming bio wouldn’t be complete without thanking all of the folks who have helped us playtest since the very beginning: Randy A., Bailey A., CK A., Matt B., Joe B., Rachael B., Rob B., Alex B., Bryn C., Zach C., Jay C., “Mama” D., Rich D., Jesse E., Ashley G., Raven H., Jeff I., Allen L., Carlo L., Mark L., Chris M., Carly M., Ruben P., Caitlin P., Frank R., Tina S., Taryn S., Alex S., Beth W., and Chris W. Thank you, everyone!


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